MRE: Workshop 3: Teaching Mindfulness to Groups

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Date(s) - 19 Jul 2014 until 20 Jul 2014
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust: Rehab Unit


Please Note: The MRE Teacher-Training is proving to be very popular and this workshop is almost full – places may be released if deposits are not paid. Please contact Joanne Barber at the Christie (0161 446 8236 for the current status of  bookings.

We are currently identifying dates for the next round of training in 2015 and expect to publish these in April.

Facilitators: Tim Duerden & Annette Dunn
Fee: £150 or Discount Price £140

This workshop provides an experiential training in teaching mindfulness-approaches to groups and leads to a Level 1 competency certificate for professionals teaching Mindful Resilience Enhancement (MRE) to groups.

MRE is a self-contained set of mindfulness approaches that are designed to be quickly and easily taught to groups in a variety of health, educational and corporate contexts. MRE is supported by an extensive and growing set of free to access audio files and information sheets. This ensures that you or your participants using these approaches are not burdened by additional expenses.

The workshop builds on the 1-2-1 teaching skills developed during Workshop 2 and provides training in delivering an experiential mindfulness curriculum in a group context. While the focus is on teaching MRE to groups there is a further exploration of key issues around teaching mindfulness in a way that incrementally develops a solid experiential foundation for ongoing practice. This is relevant to both 1-2-1 and group mindfulness teaching.

MRE teachers are supported by having access to a set of unique teaching materials that complement the free resources available to group participants. These materials and the associated curriculum are designed for both day training and shorter sessional training.

The workshop will take you through teaching groups the core mindfulness practices used in MRE to stabilise the attention and to self-sooth in difficult situations. While these practices are inherently safe as they encourage resilience and de-escalate the mental loops that lead to overwhelming distress; there are issues of safe and ethical usage that can arise in the context of group teaching and these are explored during the workshop.

The workshop is suitable for students and practitioners working in health, social and complementary practice who have completed MRE Workshops 1 &2. While an attendance certificate will be available to all workshop participants there is also a Level 1 MRE Competency Certificate pathway available to participants who undertake additional supervised practice. Competence Certificates can be in 1-2-1 teaching, group teaching or both.


This weekend forms the third part of a professional teacher-training programme in MRE. MRE teacher-training is in 2 levels and a pathway to a competency certificate is available after each level. Level 1 MRE teacher-training focuses on teaching clients to stabilise their attention and self-soothe. Level 2 MRE teacher-training focuses on teaching clients how to mindfully engage with more intensely difficult experiences with self-compassion.

Please see for further details of this approach. An overview of the philosophy and structure of MRE teacher-training is available here.

The 3 MRE Level 1 workshops are as follows:

Booking Information

For bookings please contact Joanne Barber at the Christie.

Tel: 0161 446 8236


The event booking form is here.

The full range of excellent training programmes offered at the Christie are available here.

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