Cultivating Self-Compassion with Gentleness

Date(s) - 9 Mar 2019 00000033100Sunday 10 Mar 2019
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Luther King House


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Facilitators: Tim Duerden & Annette Dunn

Fee: £175

Times: Saturday 10.00-4.30, Sunday 10.00-4.00

Cultivating Self-Compassion with Gentleness (MRE Level 2 workshop, also open to mindfulness teachers)

Inviting participants to move towards difficulty with compassion can lead to emotionally intense moments arising in sessions. While these moments are very significant for the individual’s own learning and insight, it is essential that the mindfulness teacher facilitating the session is well resourced and resilient so that they can hold these moments without undue cost to themselves. In particular, it is the teacher’s capacity to offer kindness and compassion to themselves in the midst of such intense moments that is so important for the long-term resilient well-being of the teacher. This capacity is also at the heart of teaching from a position of authenticity and implicit compassion.

This experiential workshop is primarily focused on exploring how these resources for self-compassion can be cultivated as an ongoing process. There is a particular focus on offering a kind and gentle attitude towards ourselves in that cultivation of self-compassion. To do otherwise is to risk what has been referred to as the “subtle aggression of self-improvement” (Sharples, 2006).


New to MRE but are a mindfulness teacher?

This workshop is open to anyone who has completed a recognised mindfulness teacher training programme (e.g. MBSR, MBCT, Breathworks, .bF). You will need to provide evidence of having completed this training as part of the booking process. For mindfulness teachers who have not attended MRE training workshops or a MRE course there will be mindfulness practices and reading provided prior to the workshop so you have the necessary familiarity with the philosophy underpinning MRE. In addition, only attendance certificates will be available to those who have not completed the MRE level 1 competency certification process (although should this be completed you can then count this workshop as part of the Level 2 competency certification process).

Level 2 MRE Training

This workshop is one of the 3 free-standing workshops that comprise Level 3 training. The level 2 workshops can be done in any order. The level 2 workshops are open to anyone who has attended all 3 Level 1 workshops even if you have not completed the Level 1 competency certification process (though you cannot meet the criteria for the Level 2 competency certificate until the Level 1 competency certification process has been completed.)
Linked Workshops

This workshop is one of the 3 Level 2 workshops that are all free-standing, can be attended in any sequence and open to all established mindfulness teachers as well as MRE teachers. We plan to run these workshops at least once a year.

The three workshops are:

  • Cultivating Self-Compassion with Gentleness
  • Teaching Longer Mindfulness Practices Skilfully, Accessibly & Compassionately
  • Turning Toward Difficulty with Kindness



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