Teaching Longer Mindfulness Practices Skilfully & Compassionately

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Date(s) - 24 Nov 2018 until 25 Nov 2018
9:30 AM - 4:30 AM

Whitefield-North Manchester


Please book here: https://mre-l2-longer-practices.eventbrite.co.uk

Facilitators: Tim Duerden & Annette Dunn
Fee: £175 (£189.24 via Evbentbright booking)

Times: Saturday November 24th 10.00-4.30, Sunday November 25th 10.00-4.00 2018

(Please note that we aim to keep the costs down hence taking payments directly rather than via Eventbrite, hence the ‘free’ preliminary booking option to pay us £175 directly. The Eventbrite paid ticket fee of £189.24 covers the booking costs).

Teaching Longer Mindfulness Practices Skilfully, Accessibly & Compassionately (MRE Level 2 workshop, also open to mindfulness teachers from other training pathways)

Whether you are new to teaching longer mindfulness practices or very familiar with the standard formats, this workshop offers training in a unique approach that opens longer mindfulness practices to those who struggle with these practices. The Body Scan is a particular focus for this workshop.

There are many people who experience their first Body Scan as a torment to be endured, potentially creating such aversion that they might leave the course or need to overcome an understandably distorted view of body based mindfulness practice. Read the touching account of someone really struggling with breath and body focused practice here as an example

The workshop provides a theoretical and practical framework that makes adaptation of the Body Scan to specific needs much easier and more strategic. This framework also makes it so much easier to teach both standard and innovative forms of the Body Scan. By identifying the capacities required for someone to undertake a body scan in the context of difficult experience, we can then structure the learning experiences offered prior to undertaking a full length body scan so that the experience of body scan practice builds resilience rather than creating aversion or resistance.

While the image below requires the underpinning exploration provided by the workshop to be meaningful, it may offer an indication of the way this workshop helps provide this framework for accessible body scan practice.


We held a symposium on July 1st 2016 exploring issues of adaptation of mindfulness to meet specific need and a rationale for offering the body scan in this way based on Paul Gilbert’s ’3 circle’ model of emotional regulation was briefly overviewed.



New to MRE but are a mindfulness teacher?

This workshop is open to anyone who has completed a recognised mindfulness teacher training programme (e.g. MBSR, MBCT, Breathworks, .bF). You will need to provide evidence of having completed this training as part of the booking process. For mindfulness teachers who have not attended MRE training workshops or a MRE course there will be mindfulness practices and reading provided prior to the workshop so you have the necessary familiarity with the philosophy underpinning MRE. In addition, only attendance certificates will be available to those who have not completed the MRE level 1 competency certification process (although should this be completed you can then count this workshop as part of the Level 2 competency certification process).

Level 2 MRE Training

This workshop is one of the 3 free-standing workshops that comprise Level 3 training. The level 2 workshops can be done in any order. The level 2 workshops are open to anyone who has attended all 3 Level 1 workshops even if you have not completed the Level 1 competency certification process (though you cannot meet the criteria for the Level 2 competency certificate until the Level 1 competency certification process has been completed.)
Linked Workshops

This workshop is one of the 3 Level 2 workshops that are all free-standing, can be attended in any sequence and open to all established mindfulness teachers as well as MRE teachers. We plan to run these workshops at least once a year.

The three workshops are:

  • Cultivating Self-Compassion with Gentleness
  • Teaching Longer Mindfulness Practices Skilfully, Accessibly & Compassionately
  • Turning Toward Difficulty with Kindness

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