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This is advance notice of the dates for the Level 2 MRE training. We will have more details available soon. These workshops are stand-alone so can be undertaken in any sequence or taken as one-off CPD workshops. There are booking requirements for attendance at all these workshops:
  • Attendance at all three Level 1 MRE workshops or attended an equivalent training in another mindfulness-based intervention.
  • At least 12 months of supervised mindfulness teaching experience.
  • At least 3 months of personal mindfulness practice of 20 mins a day (half of this must be prior to attending your first Level 2 MRE workshop.
  • Attendance at 2 or more mindfulness practice days.
Note that while the Level 2 workshops can be attended by those meeting the above requirements the Level 2 MRE Competency Certification process is only open to those who have completed the Level 1 MRE Competency Certification process. Full details of the attendance requirements are available through the links at the bottom of this page:   The theme of Level 1 MRE is being more at ease alongside difficulty. Building on Level 1, the theme of Level 2 MRE is approaching difficulty with friendly curiosity while being kind to yourself.   The 3 workshops' main themes are:
  •  Approaching Difficulty with Kindness (15th & 16th January 2016): This is an experiential workshop that is an intense version of the MRE2 8 week course curriculum delivered over 2 days. It is both an opportunity to develop and consolidate your own ways of approaching the thoughts, feelings and situations you find stir up strong reactions as well as an opportunity to get a practical sense of how to deliver this curriculum.
  • Approaching Compassion with Kindness (11th & 12th March 2016): While central to lasting change, (re)learning to be kind to ourselves and/or to others is almost inevitably very triggering of our feelings of vulnerability. This workshop offers gentle approaches to strengthening our ability to meet our own experience and others with kindness. It also offers training in teaching these approaches to others in group and individual contexts in ways that maximise accessibility and safety. The approaches in this workshop have been developed through working with different clinical and community populations and include adaptations of approaches developed in Compassionate Mind Training and Mindful Self-Compassion.
  • Doing What Matters with Kindness (17th & 18th June 2016): Woven through the MRE2 8 week course is work around values: who or what matters to you. Values focused work tends to bring what we find difficult into immediate and meaningful focus. The model for the values work used in this workshop has been adapted from The Matrix by Kevin Polk and Mark Webster.
Other key elements of teaching MRE2 will be woven into these workshops.   We are still finalising the fees as the venue makes charges for refreshments. We expect the final fee to be around the same level of fee of the level 1 workshops. If you wish to register your interest in attending these workshops please use the booking process below for each of the workshops you would like to attend. We will contact you when we have finalised the fee and have published the full details of each workshop. Those registering an interest will then have first refusal of a place.

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