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If you are surprised to have ended here you probably clicked a link that is only available to registered users or to users who have a special subscription.

If you need to get in touch about a signup or login problem you can use the form on ‘Get in Touch

Please note that we generally check the site daily but occasionally it can take a couple of days to approve respond to emailsĀ  or approve comments left on the site.

As the site develops there will be a range of resources available and events that can be booked online.

While some resources are available to all, some will require registration. All events can only be booked by registered members of the site.

We have a strict privacy policy and do not share user details with anyone and we do not send unsolicited emails to site users.

Registering is really simple – just click on the ‘sign up now’ link opposite and fill in the few details we require. An email will then be sent to you in a minute or so – there will be a link to click on that confirming these details and activating your membership.

Once that is done you can access many more areas of the site by logging in.

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