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As for many people, the effects of the pandemic have been difficult for us and have delayed many of our plans. Supporting family badly affected by COVID has been the priority. As  2023 unfolds, with difficult situations issues for many of us, we have been slowly reconnecting with our network and recommencing our training. While in-person delivery is great when we can do it, the generally greater accessibility and travel  cost reduction with online delivery means we continue to expect this to be will be our main form of delivery.

This has opened up our training and associated mindfulness teaching community to a much larger range of people and as increased accessibility.

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PS: If you tried to contact us via one of our email addresses, then apologies: we hadn’t realised during our COVID difficulties that due to Brexit this email had become inaccessible. Please use


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Free Webinar Recordings

During the pandemic we ran a series of free sessions exploring issues around working in a trauma sensitive way. You can find the playlist of these videos here:


Training: We have dates for our next training courses: from 2023 the Level 1 training workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings online.

MRE Level 1 Part 1: Wednesday evenings 6.30-9.00pm online for 6 weeks starting late April 2023. This course will be repeated starting April/May 2024.


MRE Level 1 Part 2:

Wednesday evenings 6.30-9.00pm online.

We will post the booking form here when available, meanwhile the Christie’s webpage has contact details to register interest:


Wednesday evenings 6.30-9.00pm online.

September 20th, 27th, 2023.

October 4th, 11th, 18th, (no session on Oct 25th), 2023.

November 1st, 2023.


MRE Level 1 Part 3: Wednesday evenings 6.30-9.00pm online for 6 weeks starting January  2024.

Course details from the last course: We’ll post booking links when available.

Note that the second and third parts are complementary and so can be taken in any order. At present the Part 1 course must have been taken but from April 2023 we plan to have an online introductory course available allowing the 3 parts of the level 1 training to be taken in any order.


Level 2 Training and Peer Supervision for those who have attended past Level 2 workshops (and open to qualified mindfulness teachers)

We are holding a ongoing sets of online courses that offer our Level 2 training as a series of experiential sessions, Thursdays 6.30-9.00pm. These offer the next step in our training for those who have completed our Level 1 training while also offering a form of structured peer supervision and CPD around key practice-related themes to those who have completed our Level 2 training (or the related workshop when we ran them as weekends). They are also open to those who have completed another organisation’s mindfulness training course.

The 3 themes explored through sets of online sessions are:

  • Cultivating Self-Compassion with Gentleness (TBA for next January 2024)
  • Teaching Longer Mindfulness Practices Skilfully, Accessibly & Compassionately (TBA for June 2023)
  • Turning Toward Difficulty with Kindness (TBA for later 2023 – October onwards)
We’ll post booking links shortly for the next course.

Course details of the previous course is

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