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Unless specified otherwise on a page or on a resource, the site content is covered by a Creative Commons licence for these materials (shown at bottom). Essentially this means you are welcome to use these materials in whatever non-commercial way you feel will benefit people – but please ensure that any such use acknowledges the author’s name and there is a link to our site if you distribute the materials yourself.

The purpose of this is to encourage sharing and collaboration in developing resources that will support mindfulness practice and teaching.

Modifications are permitted as long as the originator is acknowledged and the modified content is distributed uder the same license terms. Please discuss commercial uses with us prior to such use.

We will list the resources here as well for your convenience:

Resource Brief Description
Thoughts Are Not Facts A fairly accessible discussion of the notion that ‘thoughts are not facts, even the ones that say they are. With an attempt at visualising some of the concepts…

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