MRE Teaching Resources

Open Access Resources

There are freely downloadable audio tracks and supportive information sheets available here.

These are open for download and sharing with no restriction (apart from linking back to the original pages)


Restricted Access Teaching Resources

These are available to those who have completed MRE Teacher-Training Workshops.

Access requires logging in with an account registered to a MRE-TT workshop participant.

Please go to the Resource menu – just click on ‘Resources’ on the menu at the top of all pages.

Or click here for the guides.

If you do not see the resources listed below you need to log in using a MRE-TT enabled account..

Note: If you are logged in and still can’t see the resources you may need to refresh the page. You can do this on most web-browsers and computers  by making sure you have the website on the screen. Then right click over the page of the website you can see and then select Refresh or Reload (it depends on the web browser which you will see). the page will blink a bit as it reloads – and usually any missing resources will appear.

If this doesn’t work you may need to clear your browsers cache of old visited webpages. There is usually an option to clear, delete or remove your browsing history under the Tools menu. Usually all you need to clear is the cache or the temporary internet files - you can leave the rest of your history unchanged. Once this is done – and it may take a while if you have never cleared the cache before – the site should show the resources.

And if this still doesn’t work please get in touch…

The resources below can be freely used with clients and colleagues. You are welcome  to modify them to meet the needs of your particular situation. We would ask that you acknowledge MRE and provide a link to

We would also love to make your versions available here: just email them to us and we will upload them with a credit back to you/your organisation.

One Response to “MRE Teaching Resources”
  1. dawn stemmer says:

    Thank you so much, these pages and down loads have assisted me greatly in putting together a programme and small pilot study to offer to my local Schools.
    I have used them alongside my MRE_TT manual and have put a 3 week package together. It has given me the confidence to offer both hand printed manuals that will cover each workshop that I do and openly discuss and talk to the group on a professional and informative way.

    Thank you Tim & Annette.

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