Attention Cycle Diagrams & More – 2019 Update

This page is a ‘landing place’ for copies of the material we share at different events.

The materials shared here are intended for unrestricted use and distribution by mindfulness teachers in their work – we just ask you attribute the work to Integrated mindfulness and provide a link back to this either this page or to Permission is needed (and usually given) for commercial uses or if these resources are included in materials being sold in any format.



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SoundScan Pactice

The Sound Scan Practice helps us be selective about what we chose to engage with from what is streaming through our awareness at any one time. Some things we can chose to engage with, while other things we can just let flow through. These are based on Adrian Well’s really helpful Attention Training Technique. The audio files here replicate his version with wildly chiming bells but also offered a less intense version with guitar sounds instead of the bells.

There is a playlist with 5 and 10 minute versions here: and a practice guide here.


Mindful Movement with Beanbags

We have been inspired by Leigh Burrow’s use of beanbags as a mindful movement practice. She describes her approach to using them and their relevance to safe mindfulness teaching in her important book: Safeguarding Mindfulness in Schools and Higher Education.

We have recorded a video in 4 parts that shares what we have been learning so far in using beanbags for mindful movement:


There is a detailed guide available here as a pdf.

We would welcome your comments and reflection and experiences of using beanbags for mindful movement. You can also help us by clicking the  ‘Subscribe’ button associated with our videos as we can unlock helpful Youtube functions when we have enough subscribers. It also means you can easily access subsequent videos we produce.


Using Objects as Focusing Anchors

There is a 35 minute video that outlines using different objects here.

The ‘Using Objects as Focusing Anchors‘ information sheet is available as a pdf here.

(Another object (not on this handout)  that can be great to use are ‘Chinese finger traps’ – a great metaphor for struggle as to be released you need to bring your fingers together, not pull them apart)


Cultivation of Key Capacities Chart. This is a reflective tool we are developing that helps consider how to adapt mindfulness practices to meet individual need: it is particularly relevant when working with people with trauma experiences.  The pdf is available here. This chart is something we explored in the 2017 ‘Minding the Gaps‘ conference  mentioned at the end of this page.


Linked to this consideration of capacities is a summary of our experience of issues that can influence safe learning experiences – the document Considerations for Safe Practice‘ is available here.


We find the Attention Cycle Diagram below really useful as a teaching resource – hence naming this website after it….

There are 2 versions here: one with choosing to ‘acknowledge‘ the other with choosing to ‘identify‘ in the top left circle.

‘Acknowledge’ may have more of a sense of  holding in awareness and therefore may be a higher level skill than ‘identify’ which may have a more active thinking process… but could be argued in other ways too. In getting familiar with what hooks the attention it can be helpful to really emphasise noticing what has caught the attention and ‘identify’ fits well with this. Different groups seem to connect with one word more than another, hence sharing both.


Click the image to see a higher resolution version or right click to save a copy to your computer: ‘Identify‘ on the left (or top depending on screen layout), ‘Acknowledge‘ on the right (or bottom).



The  Identify‘ pdf handout version of this is here and the Acknowledge‘ pdf version is here.

There is a leaflet version with a mindfulness definition etc.: the  Identify‘ version is available here. and the ‘Acknowledge‘ version is here.



Free and shareable audio tracks of a range of mindfulness practices are available here: The looped body scan may be of particular interest as it addresses common experiences of difficulty with practicing body scans. There is also a mindful muscle release practice we are developing that focuses on simple feet and hand movements and is generally very well received by participants and seems very safe.


As we have said at the start, these resources can all be freely used with clients and in teaching and training provided the materials are attributed to us and they are not being commercialised without permission.


We welcome feedback on your experiences using them.


Warm wishes

Tim & Annette


P.S. We hold an annual free conference at the University of Salford bringing together different practitioners and researchers around the theme of adapting mindfulness to different populations.

You can always find details of the conference here:

You can find the booking page for June 29th 2019 at

You can find the powerpoints from the first conference in 2016 here

The powerpoints from the 2017 conference are available here:



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